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1 day ago

Some fun clues for a Hallowe’en scavenger hunt at home! I reckon my two children will really enjoy this next week, hopefully some others will too. Thank you to my lovely colleague Laura for sharing ... See more

4 days ago

We have a few spaces remaining in our upcoming CPD training for therapists working with children and teenagers. This intensive live online training day takes place this Saturday the 24th October. ... See more

5 days ago

My friends enjoying a well earned break after a busy teaching weekend! Thanks to my buddies for helping me out online, and thanks to our first year MA students for their full engagement and amazing ... See more

6 days ago

Silver linings! Limerick city on a cold Saturday evening, takeout pizza, and beautiful views from the panoramic wheel. Laughter and fun in our home county. I hope everyone is adjusting to the current ... See more