The Seven Eyed Model of Supervision with Joan Wilmot

Certificates issued by Centre for Supervision and Team Development (CSTD)

In this intensive, interactive, and experiential workshop, Joan Wilmot, one of the “inventors” of the Seven Eyed Model of Supervision, will introduce you to this innovative supervision model. Joan is co-founder of the Centre for Supervision and Team Development (CSTD), a leading training organisation for supervision since 1979. CSTD will issue certificates to course participants.

The Seven Eyed Model is a way of looking at supervision from many different perspectives and focusses on the process of the supervisory relationship. The seven-eyed model name was coined by Inskipp and Proctor in 1995 and Peter Hawkins, Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot then adopted it for the model.

In this three day experiential workshop, Joan will introduce you to the model, and invite you to practice each mode in triads.  She also includes exercises designed to integrate the modes for back home situations. We will look at which ‘eye’ you are most and least comfortable using with the intention that you can move between the eyes or modes comfortably and confidently.

The course is experiential and builds a sense of safety and community.

  • The rich mixture of participants with different backgrounds, orientations and experience builds an environment that challenges limiting beliefs and creates a supportive and creative learning experience.
  • The teaching draws on learning from psychology, psychotherapy, group dynamics, inter-subjectivity, appreciative inquiry and systems thinking.
  • The seven-eyed model described in Supervision in the Helping Professions is a way of looking and has been found to be equally effective for clinical supervision (both individual and group), managerial supervision, spiritual mentoring and organisational supervision.

Brief History of the Seven Eyed Model of Supervision:
Developing a supervision model and then a supervision training came about in the 1970’s from being asked to create a supervision model for the Richmond Fellowship senior staff training house where Peter Hawkins, Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot were running a therapeutic community for twenty four residents and up to twelve staff.

In 1979 Joan, Peter and Robin founded CSTD (Centre for Supervision and Team Development) where they developed their supervision training further. Peter Hawkins published the model first as the double matrix in 1985 and subsequently in the first edition of Supervision in the Helping Professions with Robin Shohet.

Check out for more information on this innovative supervision model. Supervision in the Helping Professions (Hawkins and Shohet 2012, 4th edition), fully describes the model, was written by the Centre staff and has sold 100,000 copies and been translated into eight languages. This is “The one really powerful book in this area, a book that fundamentally changed the way in which people think about supervision and training.” according to Professor John McLeod.

Joan Wilmot

Joan co-founded CSTD in 1979 and works as a trainer, supervisor, psychotherapist and mediator. Her particular interest is in working with systems and using organisational and family constellations work. She has been running supervision trainings and working with teams, in particular in the NHS and voluntary sector, for over 40 years. Her passion is in enabling people to find the work they love and love the work they do. She is an active member of Playback Theatre and co-author of The Boxing Clever Cookbook (2002) and has contributed to Supervision in the Helping Professions,  Passionate Supervision and Supervision as Transformation.

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