Employers & Placements

CTC Consultation with Employers and Placement Settings

CTC completes  surveys of employment and placement settings in which we gather data in relation to:

  • Employment and Placement Sites
  • The nature of their contact with CTC (including sponsorship and/or support of training, placements or employment for trainees and graduates, provision of therapy rooms,
  • The services provided by our trainees and graduates (e.g. play therapy, child & adolescent psychotherapy, parent sessions, adult psychotherapy)
  • Satisfaction with service provided: rating scale (from extremely satisfied to extremely dissatisfied) and comments
  • Benefits for service users (comments)
  • How the trainee/graduate fits into the service (comments)
  • If service is willing to continue accepting trainees for placements – we were pleased to note that all respondents were positive in this regard.

Finally, we ask each person completing the survey for permission to use some of the comments provided in the report – either with attribution or anonymously.

Some comments from placement sites and employers:

From a Family Support Service that accepts trainee’s on placement to work with children and parents:

Having access to trainees is very beneficial to our service and compliments the work of the Project Staff with the families linked with the service. It also provides the opportunity of offering an additional intervention to families working with the service.

From a Community Development Organisation that employs CTC graduates, provides a placement site, and supports a staff member to undergo our MA:

Very satisfied with service provided: I have found the work delivered to be of a very high quality both in content and from a place of genuinely wanting to support parents and children. Parents’ and participants’ feedback was always excellent. Graduates are very professional and very aware of clinical governance and safe practice.

From the Clinical Practice Director of a Play Psychotherapy Service that employs trainees and graduates and rents out therapy rooms to graduates:

Very satisfied with service provided: Trainees and Graduates play an integral role in the delivery of therapeutic services for groups, families, and individual cases. Service users definitely benefit. I recognize the value of the skills they learn in CTC. There appears to be a difference in the quality of service relating to individual therapist’s mediating factors. I believe this is due to individual’s professional and clinical ownership of their work rather than a negative reflection on CTC. I have found from personal experience training with CTC, and working with trainees and graduates (and supervising them) that CTC offers a very comprehensive and professional training. I have found the emphasis on the psychodynamic relationship and the personal process of the therapist in CTC is commendable and crucial.

From a Therapy Service for Children and Adolescents that employs and rents out therapy rooms to trainees and graduates.

Extremely satisfied with service provided: The therapy work has been excellent. Adult clients were very pleased and felt well supported. The children and adolescents engaged very well in the process and had a strong therapeutic relationship. The graduate is competent, capable fits in well with the team and is a huge asset to (service)……

From a private Fostering Agency that employs graduates and sponsors employees training costs, promoting trainee to play therapist position following award of Postgraduate Diploma.

Extremely satisfied with service provided: [Trainee] has provided and excellent service for the young people and also carers.

From a service for homeless children and adults

Extremely satisfied with service provided: We have noted positive changes for the children as a result of their play therapy. The service was always delivered in a professional manner. We have since invited this person into our service.

From a Community Counselling Service that provides a placement site for trainees and graduates.

Extremely satisfied with service provided: Service users absolutely benefitted from the service, the trainees Integrated themselves really well into the service in relation to teamwork, relationships with others, reliability, attendance, timekeeping and professionalism.

From a Therapy Service that provides therapy rooms for use by trainees & graduates:

CTC trainees and graduates follow the guidelines provided for retaining times for use of the room, use the room diary correctly, maintain health and safety standards in the room, maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, are considerate of other room users and remain in contact with me to bring issues to my attention if and when they arise. They provide phone numbers so that they can contact each other if necessary. They retain respectful time boundaries for client arrivals and departures so that confidentiality is assured. I find them very satisfactory as users of the room for provision of therapy services to children & adolescents.

From an Early Intervention Service that provides a placement site for trainees and use of therapy rooms.

Extremely satisfied with service provided: A brilliant service and resource for 6 children in our service. We see a very positive improvement in the children’s development. [Trainees] are very open and flexible. Also both students are child centred in their approach. This is a fantastic resource.

All who completed the questionnaire stated that they would continue to have CTC trainees/graduates practice in their service.

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