Carol Duffy

Carol Duffy
Qualifications:S.I.A.H.I.P, S.I.A.P.T.P

Carol has a BSc Hons in Social Psychology and Sociology from the University of Ulster. She also has a Diploma in Area Studies from the College of St. Elizabeth, NJ. She has a professional postgraduate training in child psychotherapy and play therapy and a diploma in creative supervision. Carol is accredited with IAPTP and IAHIP. Carol has been working with children for over fourteen years now and is employed by TUSLA as a senior play therapist.

Carol works with children and young people of all ages and a considerable amount of her practice involves working with siblings and families of children who have been received into care. She draws from a humanistic and integrative point of view with a strong emphasis on an attachment perspective. Her practice incorporates offering a substantial amount of support to the family and care systems of her primary clients. It also entails a sensory integration element. Carol has significant experience of working with children in care and with children who have survived various levels of neglect and who have experienced child abuse. She is a strong believer in empowering the voice of children. She also works in private practice as a supervisor. Carol is a core trainer on our MA programme.