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Short Courses: Introductory Level

Therapeutic Use of Puppets in Play Therapy and Education – Limerick (3rd November 2017) €110

An introduction to puppets and puppet play! This experiential day explores the use of puppets in both therapeutic and educational settings. Participants will gain on understanding of why puppets are so powerful in our work with children. They will develop skills and clinical techniques for using puppets with a range of children. Issues surrounding choosing puppets, equipping your play space and using puppets appropriately will be explored.

Participants will gain an insight into clinical techniques, relating to choosing and using puppets.

  • Therapeutic and educational value of puppets
  • Selecting puppets and equipping play spaces for puppet play
  • Supporting children’s puppet play
  • The practitioners structured use of puppets
  • Developing puppet profiles
  • Puppets and therapeutic storytelling
  • Puppet play to target and improve challenging behaviours
  • Puppet play to foster and promote social and emotional development

Learning Outcome: Participants will have developed:

  • An awareness of the therapeutic and educational value of puppets
  • Their own ability to use puppets with children.
  • A wide range of techniques for using puppets with children.
  • An increased ability to assist children in developing their capacity to gain an understanding of their world, communicate thoughts, express feelings and alter cognitive distortions; all through the use of puppets.


Play Therapy Techniques – Limerick (12th January 2018) and Dublin (2018) €110

This experiential day will introduce participants to play, its therapeutic powers, and a variety of techniques used by play therapists and therapeutic play workers. It is an introduction and skill building session that will introduce the therapeutic powers of play and a range of therapeutic play techniques. Participants will develop skills which can be used to enhance relationships with children with whom they have contact in their personal and/or professional life. There will be lots of play and experiential learning built into the day – take home skills galore! It is an ideal introduction to the field and will aid decision making in regard to possible subsequent training in the field.

Play Therapy Techniques – Demonstrations, practice and feedback

  • Introduction to play
  • The therapeutic powers of play
  • Therapeutic play materials
  • Attending and responding to children
  • Therapeutic play techniques for improving children’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Therapeutic play techniques for reducing children’s anxieties
  • Therapeutic play techniques for improving children’s emotional understanding
  • Therapeutic play techniques to foster children’s holistic development

An Introduction to Humanistic Play Therapy  Limerick (23rd February 2018) and Dublin (2018) €110

This experiential day introduces participants to non-directive play therapy skills and practice. It introduces the theory and practice of play therapy and developmentally appropriate psychotherapeutic work with young children. Participants will develop skills to enhance relationships with children in their personal and/or professional life. It is an ideal introduction to the field and will aid decision-making in regard to possible subsequent training in this area.

Therapeutic Play Skills Certificate

This Level 6 (NFQ) blended learning course runs in Dunlaoighre (Oct 17), Claremorris (Sept 17), Kerry (Nov 2017), Galway, (October 17), Mountmellick (February 2018), Limerick (February 2018), and Donegal (2018) Now booking.

Therapeutic Play Skills is a Level 6 Minor Award (6N4705) offered on a part-time, blended learning basis. It is an experientially based learning programme which will equip participants to plan, deliver and evaluate both group and individual play based interventions. Participants will engage in creative activities that will enhance personal development, develop insight and awareness, and contribute to understanding, and meeting, the needs of all children including those living in adverse circumstances. Directive and non-directive therapeutic approaches will be addressed. This course is available at various locations around the country.

From messy play to monsters: A playful dance through Neuro-Dramatic Play and E-P-R ( 2018)  €110

This training with Dr Sue Jennings (UK and Romania) will take us on a journey through Neuro-Dramatic Play and Embodiment-Projection-Role – Sue’s amazing paradigms that shape our understanding of children’s play, attachment formation and healing. This is a final chance to attend training with Dr Sue Jennings as she moves towards full retirement after her full career and amazing contributions to the field.