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Short Courses: Advanced Level

Our advanced courses are suitable for professionals who already have secure foundations in the therapy field. They are designed to enhance the skill base of mental health professionals including qualified and trainee psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, play therapists, counsellors and others involved in direct therapeutic work with clients. These courses tend to be concerned with working with specific clinical issues, specific client groups or specific media or approaches. 

Running Play Based Workshops, Dublin 16th June 2018, €110

Training with Edel Lawlor. This one-day workshops is designed for professionals who work with children. This experiential training addresses all that is involved in planning, developing, and running play-based workshops. Play based workshops rely on the idea of helping children blossom through play, fun and creativity. Edel will introduce you to a variety of types of developmentally appropriate workshops suitable for children of various ages.

Understanding Childhood Trauma and Promoting Emotional Well-Being, Dublin 17th June 2018, €110

This experiential training focuses on understanding childhood trauma and promoting emotional well – being through play. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of childhood trauma. They will explore creative and play based interventions and techniques that can be used when working with children and teenagers who have experienced childhood trauma. This workshop is suitable for variety of professionals working with children an and their families, including play therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, family support workers and project workers.

Legal Issues for Psychotherapists, Play Therapists, and Counsellors 2018 (13th April 2019) Leixlip €130

An essential guide to all you need to know when working with children, adolescents and vulnerable adults. Content will focus on legal issues to consider when involved in therapy work with clients of all ages from childhood up, including consent, confidentiality, contracts, legislations, legal procedures, record keeping, and report writing.

From messy play to monsters: A playful dance through Neuro-Dramatic Play and E-P-R  (10th Sept 2018) €110

This one-day training  with Dr Sue Jennings (UK and Romania) will take us on a journey through Neuro-Dramatic Play and Embodiment-Projection-Role – Sue’s amazing paradigms that shape our understanding of children’s play, attachment formation and healing. Sue is in the moving to retirement stage of her career (having planned to retire fully in 2017 she has slowed down this process) so few opportunities to train with her are now available.

Storymaking and Storytelling in Trauma Therapy: Telling for Survival (11th March 2019) €110

This fascinating and engaging training by Dr Mooli Lahad will focus on the inherent need to tell stories and the use of storymaking and storytelling in trauma therapy – the need to tell in order to survive. Participants will learn how to weave a story the client needs to hear now and the use of therapeutic stories with traumatized clients. This method is based both on the art of storytelling and the method of Milton Erickson MD.

Dates have not yet been set for the next round of the following courses

Building your Private Practice –  €110

Seed, Growth and Gardening: This is a one day workshop, with Edel Lawlor, which will help play therapists, and child psychotherapists specialising in play therapy, become motivated and dream about their new journey in private practice or add to their private practice. The day will cover the following areas:

Seeds – exploring ideas using the yellow brick road and art. Mapping out your dreams and setting up your private practice. Balancing therapy lenses with your business lenses.

Growth – one flower is lovely, but a bunch of flowers complement each other. Exploring other areas of work in which you can grow and water how to make contacts in the community, running workshops, advertising and social media.

Gardening– for your garden to grow you need to maintain it, nurture it and have time to stop to enjoy it.

The day will be full of ideas, handouts, experiences and honest information about the joys and struggles of a having private practice.

Superheroes and Disney in Play Therapy –  (€110) 

Training with Edel Lawlor. This one day workshop provides and introduction to using Superheroes and Disney in therapeutic work with children. The facilitator has seen, first hand, how children have used these metaphors in Play Therapy. She will share her experiences on the beautiful ways in which children can heal and use the power of wonderful characters and stories, such as The Lion King, Inside Out, Wonder Woman, Batman and so many others. This will be an experiential workshop exploring the roles of Superheroes in Therapy and discovering our own hero’s Journey. The day will provide rich learning in a fun, interactive way and will enhance skills and confidence for those in attendance.

Facilitating parenting support through group workshops/programmes – (€110)

Training with Edel Lawlor. Content includes: Nurturing parents; Linking Dr Bruce Perry’s six R’s in parenting support; Facilitating parents from different backgrounds and delivering interventions/programmes to suit their needs; Using metaphorical work and symbols in parenting support; Setting up your own parenting workshop and parenting programmes, and more!

Running Summer Camps for Children –  (€110)

This experiential training, with Edel Lawlor, addresses all that is involved in planning, developing, and running of summer camps for children. Edel feels very strongly about the importance of play, she has a love of puppetry, clay, and fairies and loves to share the healing that such play brings to all. Summer camps have a huge focus on play, self esteem and creativity.

Edel will introduce you to a variety of types of developmentally appropriate summer camps suitable for children of various ages. These will include a variety of themes and types of camps including a focus on (e.g., Lego Camps, Superhero Camps, Fairy Camps, and Sensory Play Camps.

You will learn:

  1. How to set up and promote creative summer camps
  2. 5 day outline of camps
  3. Therapeutic benefits
  4. End of camp celebration
  5. Materials & costs

Delivering Therapeutic Mental Health Programmes in Schools (€110)

Training with Edel Lawlor. This experiential training day addresses all that is involved in planning, developing, and delivering therapeutic mental health programmes for children in primary school settings. It focuses on two creative arts based programmes: Happy Hearts, Happy Heads – a mental health programme for primary schools, and To Leave with Ease – making the transition from primary school to secondary school.

100 Whispers: Working with Children and Families who have experienced Domestic Violence, €110

Training with Edel Lawlor. This one day workshop is designed for professionals who work with children and families. It will be suitable for a range of professionals including play therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, project workers, family support workers and psychologists. The day will focus on the complex issues involved when supporting children and parents who are affected by Domestic Violence. The day will explore creative therapeutic inventions that can be safely used when working with children who are affected by this silent war. The “100 Whispers” will be used during the day to give people an in-depth insight into the impact of domestic abuse on children.

Responding Therapeutically to Child Sexual Abuse €500

In this course the process of disclosure, appropriate responses, and practical and therapeutic interventions will be explored. We will address issues involved in working with clients of all ages who have experienced child sexual abuse themselves or are attempting to support a loved one (adult or child) who has been affected.