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Play and Creativity Studies Certificate

This course will equip the learner to prepare and maintain a play enriched early learning environment that promotes children’s holistic development and utilise play and the creative arts to support the development of clients with special educational needs. It is offered on a part time, blended learning basis. On completion of the programme  the learner will be awarded two Level 6 component certificates (Early Learning Environment (6N1933) and Creative Studies for Special Needs (6N1972),  30 credits in total). These are components of the Level 6 (NFQ) Major Award in Early Childhood Care and Education (6M2007).

This course will be available at various locations around the country. Total cost is €1300 including blended learning course with face to face content (evening and Saturday sessions), online component, associated assignments and assessment. and both certificates.

Learner Profile: This programme is aimed at learners who:

• Have a particular interest in the power of play and the expressive arts in promoting holistic development throughout the lifespan.

• Wish to attain a recognized qualification and embark on, or enhance, a professional career in working with children in a range of settings.

• Wish to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence relevant to working with individuals, including those with special needs, while emphasizing the importance of creative studies from both a theoretical and practical perspective

• Wish to further their own knowledge and understanding of what play is and how it supports children’s holistic development and the influences of the environment on this development. Learners will also have a strong interest in learning about developmentally appropriate creative interventions and developing skills in formulating, organising, and managing play and creative arts programmes in the early learning environment and in settings which aid the holistic development of clients with special needs.

• Wish to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence relevant to working with individuals with special educational needs while emphasizing the importance of creative studies from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

• Would like to upskill to enhance employment prospects and/or job satisfaction and promotion opportunities

Entry Criteria
To access this programme learners should have reached the standards of knowledge, skills and competence associated with the level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experiences. Ideally, learners will have some experience of working with children and/or individuals with special needs.  This award will also be of interest to care staff, teachers, therapists, social workers, and others whose professional life brings them into regular contact with at-risk children and children in crisis.

Programme Objectives

It is the aim of this programme to:
1. Enable participants to learn how play and the creative arts support holistic development and how the environment impacts on this development.
2. Enable participants to develop skills in formulating, organising, and managing play and creative arts programmes in the early learning environment.
3. Equip participants to observe, assess, and intervene using creative arts activities to promote the development of clients with special needs.
4. Equip participants with skills to plan and deliver developmentally appropriate play and creative interventions
5. Enable learners to focus on meeting their clients specific needs in the context of holistic development using play and creativity
6. Build participants skills in developing, promoting and contributing to positive relationships and work in partnership with relevant family members
7. Develop each learners capacity for reflective practice


Unit 1 – Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives (Child Development & Creative Arts)

Unit 2 – Observation

Unit 3 – Types of play and classification

Unit 4 – Routines

Unit 5 – Support children and young people’s play and creativity

Unit 6 – Creative Interventions (e.g treasure baskets, heuristic play, pretend play, construction play, art & crafts

Unit 7 – Planning and Implementing interventions

Unit 8 – Formulating, Organising and Managing Play and Creative Arts Programmes (e.g sensory, messy, sand, water, interactive, art, clay, interactive play)

Unit 9 – Develop, Promote and Contribute to Positive Relationships

Unit 10 – Professional Practice



Applications are accepted by letter giving details of the applicants’ name, address, email and phone numbers, educational background, current employment, and reasons for wishing to complete the course. Please highlight any experience in working with children and/or clients with special needs (any age). An up to date CV should be included.  Successful applicants will need to be garda vetted prior to placement. Please indicate in application letter if you have already been Garda vetted and if you have access to clients with special needs in a work (paid or voluntary) setting within which you could complete observations and creative arts sessions.

Cost:             €1300 (Payment plan options available on request)

Paying fees: Payable directly to bank account by transfer (details available on payment plan sheet) or post to above address. Cheques, drafts, PO’s payable to Children’s Therapy Centre


1) observation, formulation, implementation, documentation and evaluation of a creative arts programme for a client with special needs;

2) two written papers (1000 – 1200 words each);

3) three skill demonstration tasks (sensory play, observation, self assessment).

For information / booking for all venues: Email childrenstherapycentre@gmail.com     Phone: 087 6488149