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TraumaPlay℠: A Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy Model for Treating Traumatized Children

Paris Goodyear-Brown is coming to Ireland to deliver a 2 day training event on her incredible TraumaPlay℠ model!

Save the dates: 16th and 17th June 2019.

Learn how to use this playful, components-based, evidence informed treatment with traumatized children and teens. Paris will share her flexibly sequential model, identifying specific treatment goals with corresponding interventions.  TraumaPlay℠ views all change through an attachment focused, neurobiologically informed lens. The training will differentiate between trauma treatment goals that are best accomplished through non-directive methods and goals that are best served by integrating parents as partners, and utilizing somatic grounding interventions, cognitive-behavioral play therapy interventions, expressive therapy techniques and playful ways to complete trauma narrative work. Participants will leave with an overarching paradigm for trauma treatment expanded toolkit of interventions and a revived sense of excitement about the process. Come prepared to play!

Download details and booking form here.

Note: Our International Play Therapy Conference (Applying Play Therapy Concepts Across Diverse Settings) is being held at the same venue on the day before this – 15th June. What not attend all 3 days? You will receive an additional €40 discount if booking both and paying in full before 28th Feb!

See Paris’s Ted Talk: Trauma & Play Therapy: Holding Hard Stories

‘From messy play to monsters’ A playful dance through NDP and EPR

A playful dance through Neuro-Dramatic Play, Embodiment-Projection-Role, and the Theatre of Resilience

A 1 day experiential workshop with Dr Sue Jennings       

Date: 4th September 2019     Fee: €110      

A one day practical workshop on the three strands of ‘DNA’ that constitute the play experience from conception to 7 years.  Throughout dramatic play is the dominant theme, whether verbal or non-verbal.  Dramatic play needs to be understood as a powerful drive in child development through which the infant develops empathy, increases their flexibility and becomes resilient to the ups and down of life.  We shall follow the continuum from ‘mess to form’ and from ‘chaos to order’ as we create havoc and then calm.  Be prepared to make a mess and challenge your basic play formalities!

Dramatic play needs to be understood as a powerful drive in child development from conception to 7 years of age through which the infant develops empathy, increases their flexibility and becomes resilient at coping with the ups and downs of life. Theatre of Resilience (ToR), Neuro-Dramatic-Play (NDP) and Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR) are like the ‘DNA’ of dramatic playing which is the core of the attachment process and affects the development of the brain, making an impact on the neural pathways.

Before birth, mothers have a dramatised relationship with their unborn child, talking in a special language and then answering ‘as if’ they are the infant.  This dramatisation continues until after the baby is born, who in turn takes on the role-reversal through imitation, mimicry and echo play.

This experiential workshop includes practical experience of ‘actions and reactions’ in the stages of drama and role development.  It includes the ‘slime-sticky-slippery’ creation play, role-reversal, sensory re-enactment and story.  Participants will have notes of new techniques and role observation tools for application in their practice. Download Booking Form.

The Trainer

Dr Sue Jennings is Professor of Play (European Dramatherapy Federation), Visiting Professor University of Derby, President Romanian Association of Play Therapy and Dramatherapy.  Pioneer of Neuro-Dramatic-Play, a unique paradigm in play development.  Sue is a prolific author having published over 40 titles, including her doctoral research on child-rearing with the Temiar tribe of Malaysia. Sue is in the moving to retirement stage of her career (having planned to retire fully in 2017 she has slowed down this process) so few opportunities to train with her are now available.

Introduction to Humanistic Play Therapy

An introductory day long training!

Limerick 13th April 2019            Fee €110 

This experiential day will introduce participants to non-directive play therapy skills and practice. It is not designed to qualify participants to engage in this work with clients – it is an introduction and skill building session that will introduce the theory and practice of play therapy. However, participants will develop skills which can be used to enhance relationships with children with whom they have contact in their personal and/or professional life. Participants will also experience the power of play in a very personal way. It is an ideal introduction to the field and will aid decision making in regard to possible subsequent training in the field.

Non Directive Play Skills – Demonstrations, practice and feedback

  • Selecting and equipping play spaces for non-directive play
  • Appropriate play materials
  • Developing a relationship of trust with the player
  • Providing structure
  • Attending and responding to play
  • Tracking and reflecting skills
  • Reflecting content and feelings
  • Non-verbal messages
    • Child’s level
    • Facial expression and body language
  • Verbal messages
    • Tone
    • Pitch
    • Developmental considerations
  • Esteem building responses
  • Recognising efforts and achievements

Learning Outcome: Participants will have developed:

  • An awareness of the principles of non directive play therapy
  • Non-directive therapeutic skills
  • An increased ability to assist children in developing their capacity for self regulation and decision making within the context of a safe, ethical relationship

CTC now Ireland’s first APT Approved Provider

The Children’s Therapy Centre is the only APT Approved Provider (#11-294) in Europe!

The Association for Play Therapy accepts play therapy credit to satisfy its Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and Supervisor (RPT-S) credentialing criteria for trainings offered by Approved Providers.

APT promotes the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists by advancing the psychosocial development and mental health of all people and sponsoring and supporting those programs, services, and related activities that promote the:

  • Public understanding and appreciation of play and play therapy
  • Effective practice of play therapy through research, education and training, and support
  • Recognition, incorporation, and preservation of diversity in play and play therapy
  • Development and maintenance of a strong professional organization that satisfies this mission